Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Questioning the Holocaust

In the fifteenth century, intelligent people were skeptical about the shape of the Earth. Even after Columbus' discovery in 1492 that the world was indeed round, many remained defiant because they had not seen overwhelming evidence with their own eyes. Aristotle thought the Earth was the center of the universe, but in his time, the topic was still open for debate since no one could prove or disprove his theory with hard evidence. With advances in technology and science, documented, irrefutable evidence proves without a doubt that the Earth is indeed round and it obviously revolves around the sun.

If Aristotle was alive today, he would have to revise his theory. Thus, intelligent people can be proven wrong when an overwhelming preponderance of hard evidence is brought to light.

If i told you that the sky is not blue, or that 4+4=10, would you believe me? You wouldn't, because you could cite myriad sources to prove me wrong.

So why is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, obviously an intelligent person, attempting to deny that the Holocaust ever occurred?

You're losing me, Mahmoud. Tell me this didn't happen:

"The visual evidence and the verbal testimony of starvation, cruelty, and bestiality were so over powering as to leave me a bit sick. In one room where there were piled up twenty or thirty naked men, killed by starvation, George Patton would not even enter. He said he would get sick if he did so. I made the visit deliberately, in order to be in a position to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations mere to "propaganda."
President Dwight D Eisenhower, shown in the last photo above, upon his visit to Buchenwald Concentration Camp, 1945
note the skeletons of incinerated corpses in the foreground)


Anonymous said...

The reason people have different opinions on this subject are certain facts. Number one is that the pictures of starving people in these camps are all from the end of the war. All wartime photos of prisoners show healthy if somewhat unhappy prisoners. Where the contraversy lies is in the fact that allied planes shot any train that moved in Germany in 44' and 45'. Many of these trains were bringing food and supplies to the concentration camps. As the bombing and straffing of trains became more and more common, the Germans were forced to choose between feerding thier troops or fweeding the prisoners. Naturally, they chose to feed thier troops. So yes., at the end of the war, the allies found tens of thousands of starving prisoners, prisoners who if treated that way through the entire war would bnot have lasted one year. So the starvation was taking pl;ace at the very end of the war,. Also, rertreating Germans had every opportunity to kill every last prisoner in these camps, why didn't they if they were so hell bent on evil? Why leave evidence of such cruelty? The second thing is people are growing tired of the whole Jewish thing. 18 million died in concentration camps only 6 million of which were Jewish. Thereforwe why do we keep hearing about the Jews, the Jews, the Jews! What about Poles, Gypsies,Russians,Handicaped, mentally challenged, homosexuals, Jehovas Whitnesses ect, ect...... Bottom line is this, victors write the history. Americans did not what to heart that the Army Air Corps was responable for killing millions of innocent people throuigh indiscriminate bombing policies. So blah, blah, blah. It was 65 freeking yrs. ago. Can we stop talking about it now? Jews are the richest group of people on the Earth. They have thier own dahm country now and so screw it! Why don't we go on and on about Egypt keeping Jews as slaves for 400 yrs? When is the cutoff date where we just quit going on and on about something? Maybe if something horrific happens to somebody else we'll start talking about them for 100 yrs instead! Or maybe itl's thrown in our face for 60 yrs and we only hear about the Jews because they own all the media! Hmmmm. I wonder? When you stop questioning the so called truth you bnecome a slave! George Orwell's 1984-That's all I have to say

not anonymous said...

hey anonymous person
if jews own all the media then why do we hear about so many holocaust deniers. and also, where is the rest of my family,

If jews are the richest group on earth then where does the work ghetto come from?

and here is a quote from the essay Anti-Semitism in Britain by George Orwell

"It would be very far from the truth to say that British business life is
dominated by Jews."


Fraser Brien said...

"anonymous" - the first comment. This view is one of the most sickening i have read on the subject of the holocaust apart from that of David Irving. You are evidently poorly informed on the subject as well. In most if not all camps, when the germans heard of allied advances, they would abandon the camps only after firing off every roud of ammo and exploding every last grenade upon the camp's population, often burning families alive in huts. Pregnant women would be shot through the stomach in order to murder both mother and child. People would die of starvation throughout the war, not just in the later years. For your view to be so twisted is a chilling shock. Just because people appear to have forgotten the jewish slavery perpetrated by the ancient egyptians does NOT mean we should all just forget about the most horrendous and vile act ever committed by human beings: "[T]he basic motivation [of the Holocaust] was purely ideological, rooted in an illusionary world of Nazi imagination, where an international Jewish conspiracy to control the world was opposed to a parallel Aryan quest. No genocide to date had been based so completely on myths, on hallucinations, on abstract, nonpragmatic ideology—which was then executed by very rational, pragmatic means." We are to remember this as a lesson for the future, that we, mankind, must learn. It is not an issue of Jews "milking it". I am not zionist or anti-zionist, and am aware that many people believe the holocaust to have been of significant leverage when applied to zionism and international attitudes to Jews. However, your attitude is unbelieveably ignorant and i must express my deepest shock, anger and, above all, sadness at the lack of compassion in a fellow human being.

Anonymous said...

It chills me to know that someone would choose to shrug off the Holocaust as if it were a common event that doesn't effect today.

Anonymous said...

I am very upset to read the opinions of the writer to the frist comment. of course everyone has the right to their own thoughts, but my grandmother was there, she saw all her friends and her family die in auschwitz-birkenau! but she lived, and she had the strenght to go on after all the horrible things she saw there, in what she calls hell. it was not just like any other war. but it has happened before and after, it just have not been so big as the holocaust.

Anonymous said...

first commentor, y our a retard!!!how can you deny the horrible things that happened? its everywhere. if your one of the anti-semetic freaks then YOU NEED help. everyone is equal and so stop being so retarded. open your damn eyes to reality. their is never going to be an end to people talking about it and we can't move on!!!

Anonymous said...

all you jews are fucking hypocrites anyways you guys get pissed when people deny your stupid holocaust yet you stand there and side with Turkey a country as sadistic as nazi germany jews still only give a shit about themselves

s.c said...

To the very first commentor, it ma not matter who i am, although i happen to be a stright a honor roll student, but far from a "nerd". I am accually in grade ten history this semester. I think you would like you my teacher is informing us about the holocaust. He explains what is know as "fact" but then also teaches every other opinion or evidence in order for us to form our own opinion. Normally i could never say that someones opinion is wrong, i mean its your opinion. but in this case i must go against mysefl in telling you that you are sorly mistaken. Either you are a complete idiot with no concern for anyone but yourself, or you have been unfortunatly misled. Before making such coments and aqusations i hope that you look at every possible view, and all but one (hitler and the nazis) prove that the holocaust was devistating, smething we should never forget. Imagine you and your famillyy in that position, you could not survive, and there is no way you would be arguing any of us if you had. You have digusted me and i am sure many others beyond beleive, and i hope that you have enough common sense to take back what or at least some of what you have said.

Anonymous said...

to the person who left the first comment...its impressive that you know all these facts but can't see what they mean. Yes 18 million people died in the Holocaust. Yes, 6 million of them were Jews. Which if you can do math like I can that laves only 12 million more to be divided between several more groups that were murdered. We hear so much about the Jews because they were the main target. They teach us in school that there were many groups as targets. However, its hard to deny that anyone was targeted more than the Jews. Before the concentration camps were formed, the Jews were forced to give up their schooling, jobs, and eventually all posesions. I don't understand how you can deny that this was a major part of world history. They teach students about it in school and yet you want to make it seem like its no big deal that Hitler and his Pscho pathic followers MURDERED millions of people for NO REASON!

Anonymous said...

To the first commenter...people with views like yours make this world a scary place. Get some compassion and try to imagine yourself in someone else's shoes before you speak/comment/etc. Your attitude is a waste of energy. 65 years ago is almost yesterday...modern times...it could easily happen again with mob mentality and people like you in existence. God forbid.

Anonymous said...

who could say that the Holocaust didn't happen?! Its a part of history! Gosh, it really angers me, when even have proof! Pictures, SURVIVORS, and even media like Anne's diary! I feel so thankful that I live in the place I live in today.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you make me sick , how could you evenr deny that the holocaust happened? we have photographic and film evidence ,not to mention witnesses to this discusting event in our history, it makes me truly sad to think that what we know these inocent people went through, is being shrugged of like nothing ever happened. we know it did, therefore stop trying to act like it was all okay, its not and it never will be, would it be okay now to attempt to wipe out an entire race? i think not.

Anonymous said...

We all are well aware that the holocaust was a horrible thing. However, the first commenter is correct. People should stop bitching about it because it's in the past. The United States still had segregation around this time, and i don't hear anybody complaining about that. We had slavery as well, why aren't we the bad ones? It's just because the US government doesn't want to take the blame for it. Also, people have different morals. Hitler was an extremist, and a nationalist, and yes a bit psycho. But he was born with crazy morals, and the Germans had just lost the first world war, and had no one to turn to. They were in desperate need, therefore they just wanted something to fall back on. I'm not denying the holocaust, and i'm not denying that it was wrong, because it was really fucked up, but people should stop acting like the Germans were the only people that ever did something bad in this world. It guess it's just portrayed as so bad because it was in the mid 1900's which like media wise is pretty recent

SpEakTHeTrUth said...

excuse me but telling people to stop "bitching" about the Holocaust and to move on his perhaps the most rude, un-american, racist thing you could say. Like you said, America had slavery, and why do you know this? because we've been "bitching" students about since simply because its an important part of our history and we dont want it to happen again. You can't deny the Holocaust happened when people survived to tell us about the deatils of the horrible, horrible, event that occured. And no, we dont throw around that the Germens were the only ones who have screwed up. The US has admitted to bombing trains and other vehicles containing Jewish people and other victims but what else where they supposed to do? It's not like they were going to land the planes and check to see who or what was inside the car. They just knew that this was the "bad" side and they needed to win. So if they did bomb a train filled with food that was meant to go to the camps, and this is for the first commentor, the US didnt know it was or them, they probably thought it was or the Germans, and if you could put yourself in that situation, youd bomb the train or the car too. And show some compassion. Even if you say its the Us's fault so many people died, Hitler still put them in these places where they needed to recieve food from outside resources and they still died. But if what you say is true, why havent i heard o any o the Nazis dying of hunger...?

Anonymous said...

Never forget this... Not after 65 years, not after a thousand. One of the blackest things humanity has ever done was called a "solution," by its perpetrators. The Germans weren't "hell bent on evil," that is the horrifying part. I hope what happened in the Holocaust is shouted from the rooftops for eternity. If we ever forget, what will keep us from starting another genocide because its a "solution?"


Anonymous said...

go germany, go holocaust, go the first comment ! the jews are just whining. get over it. pretty gay to whine about something you pretty much deserved. hahahahaha

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Anonymous said...

holy crap. I have never seen such sadistic people or comments. you people don't have any humanity whatsoever! we can't just forget the holocaust! its too horrible for it to happen again. that's why its taught in schools. And to the person who said the Jews were "whining", if that is what you call showing evidence to a blind world about the horrible things a person has endured, then yes it is 'whining' but not in a bad way. some of you people need to GROW UP and GROW SOME BALLS and BRAINS. this may be your 'opinion' but it is the most horrible and wrong opinion about the holocaust that I have ever heard!

Anonymous said...

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