Saturday, December 9, 2006

Operation Elf and A Mall Bust from Santa

I saw this on CNN just now, and thought you all should know. This guy here, nicknamed 'Deputy Elf,' clocked and nabbed over 150 speeders in just over two hours. Twenty motorcycle cops waited for his dispatch, and then pulled over the speeders, one by one, in Orange County, Florida. One angry person called the OC Sheriff's Dept., complaining that "it's despicable to use an icon like Santa to catch speeders."

"That's specifically why we didn't use Santa Claus," Ken Wyne of the Orange County Sheriff's Office said. "We didn't choose a nativity scene. We chose an elf. An elf is known for their impish behavior. If you're going to speed in Orange County, you never know who's going to be on the street corner."

And then this: This mall santa helps authorities tackle a shoplifter on his way out the door, and gets in a nice sucker kick as well. Hilarious.

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