Thursday, December 7, 2006

Gay Rabbis, I'm Into It

the jews know the deal. wednesday, leaders of the conservative jewish community announced that they will ordain openly homosexual rabbis, with the caveat that the orthodox jews may continue to oppose it. "we as a movement see the advocacy of pluralism and we know that people come to different conclusions," said rabbi kassel abelson, speaking for the 25-member rabbinical assembly committee on jewish law and standards which issued a series of advisory reports. "these ... are accepted as guides so that the gays and lesbians can be welcomed into our congregation and communities and made to feel accepted," he added. this is what i'm talking about, and it makes me instantly consider the thousands of years that jews have been perscuted for their beliefs, practcing or non-practicing. they just want to live in peace. while consevative christians spend their time freaking out over the homosexual community--the split in the episcopal church over the ordainment of a gay, and the split in the evangelical community over gay marriage, and catholics continuing to live in denial of their obviously gay priests--the jews, jesus' people, show them all up. way to go, guys. what would jesus do? well ask the jews. he was one of them.


HydraFemme said...

Dude, "ordainment"? In order to be taken seriously, do a little research before spewing a Bushism: The word is "ordination". Granted, Episcopalians DO seem to embrace a vocabulary that is fairly unusual, but it's not exactly exclusive. And by the way, as an Episcopalian, I was never against Gene Robinson being a bishop because he's gay---I was against him for not being more forthcoming with the facts at the proper time. Being a moral standard has to take into account MORE than just sexuality. Honesty has to be factored in when considering placing someone into a position of authority.

Mikey McCormack said...

hydrafemme, actually ordainment is the noun form of the verb to ordain. you can find it in websters, the random house, and the american heritage dictionaries.

Chevonne Moore said...

You crazy. I miss getting breakfast burritos with you.