Friday, January 16, 2009

$10 Need TEMP place to crash for a couple nights? Share bedroom (Santa Monica)

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Date: 2009-01-16, 9:15AM PST

Please - this is a platonic offer! And for females only.
We think it's important in nowadays to help out as much as you can. What we can do to help is offer you a place to crash for a couple days, if you need a break, just relocating into town, in between places or money is tight. There's currently a guest sleeping in our living room couch so we'd like to offer you to stay in our bedroom and share the bed with us. It's a really comfortable queen size bed. Yes - this means we have to be very respectful of each other. Low-key and laid back. Non smoker only. We have done this in the past and the girl that stayed with us felt safe and secure. We're a young couple living in a clean 1 bedroom apartment in Santa Monica. Close to everything. Very respectful and friendly. We'd like to be honest and upfront - we are open-minded but this is a strictly plotonic offer (unless you're interested in more, in which case we can talk about it). Let us know if you're interested and please provide some info about you, like who you are, your age, what you do, some myspace or photos, etc. Have a wonderful weekend.

Location: Santa Monica
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Claire Humpage said...


anna said...

lol this is funny. If it was real and for you...I'd pay $10 to stay with you ;)

Anonymous said...

what, they don't have an aerobed? (which would be a great idea for them to get since they want to help people out). Or some spare FLOOR lying around? You can stay at our place, but you HAVE to sleep in our bed with us because, you know, we don't have any spare blankets or egg crate, and we actually store all of our origami sculpture on the floor so it's not available to sleep on...
I think these people might be really into menage a trois, or cuddling or something and are just ashamed to admit it. They need to realize it's okay, just come out and say it!
Or maybe they are just good samaritans who are weird.
Or axe murderers...
Who knows?


Tobie said...

haha i was like wtf when i first saw this. i'd pay $10 to stay with you, too though... ;)

Bruna de Souza Leão said...


It's easy.

Page said...

Haha. People are weird. But I guess if they need $10 that bad....

I know this is way off topic but seeing how mikey reads this I thought why not ask. My bro has a band, and says that at some shows he remembers certain people from the crowd. Like there is a girl he saw almost a year ago that he cant get out of his head. Do you ever have that happen to you? I saw you in denver and in california, I didnt meet you...but your band was great!