Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Tire Joint

So the van's been breakin down of late. I think it needs new plugs, so I drove up to the zone for refreshments and and noticed the steering wheel shaking violently. Turns out one of the tires was totally chewed up. Bad alignment. Coulda died. Lets see if this new iPhone app can locate me.

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Samantha said...

that van is pretty funny. you could use an upgrade :)

itookthewalk said...

fancy iphones. so jel. i need one.

your van is ghetto, i dig it. i'm all about ghetto cars, i rep one everrrry day. tevz, it's the new thing.

Anonymous said...

I love your van. I think if you upgraded to a bus it or traded it in for something a little more snazzy, a part of me would die. But you should look into graffi or artwork on the sides - possibly done by Mr. Gerety himself.