Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Presidential Prediction

I've been feeling this way for a while now, but I'm becoming even more sure now. Hillary Clinton is gonna be our next president. How crazy is that? I was really hoping Gore would have entered the race, but it certainly doesn't seem likely at this point. It's weird, the Republicans don't really have a strong candidate, and most polls I've seen reflect this. Their fundraising is well behind the Democrats, and I can't help questioning the electability of any of their frontrunners. Romney is Mormon in a party that has enjoyed a strong evangelical support, and it must be a difficult hurdle for him. McCain is boned. I thought Thompson would have brought some thunder but apparently he hasn't brought enough to outshine Giuliani, who's leading in all polls I've seen so far. Of course, the YouTube GOP debates are coming up, as are the primaries where anything could happen, but either way the Republicans aren't shining like the Dems, and Clinton's been the clear frontrunner from the very start. My prediction is that her lead will continue to widen as Obama's lesser experience and lackofhusbandwhowasafamouspresidentness will become more and more of a weight.

All of you who are screaming Kucinich and Paul into your screens right now must chill. I think they're both great and I'd be stoked to see them take the oval office, but unfortunately there's just not really a chance they're gonna get the nomination, which is why I'm not throwing their names around. I'm not talking about what I want here so much as I'm making an early prediction about the end result of the '08 race.

I think the real question at this point is not who will be our next president, rather who will be VP? Cabinet? My early assumption is that Obama's gonna get the nod for Veep. I mean, who else is gonna get it? Edwards? Biden? I dunno. Obama is very intelligent and brings thunder - a lot of people like him. He's fully a star, but he's being dominated by Hillary just like Pippen was dominated by Jordan. I wonder what Bill's gonna do. . .and Gore for that matter. It'd be nutty to think those guys aren't gonna have major sway in a Clinton administration.

My two cents. Time will obviously tell.

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Anonymous said...

Well it's kind of obvious. Women can do everything.