Thursday, November 30, 2006

Alexis Says: Bush is No Coward

and i agree. he's instead a brave man to stand at his podium every day and face the world with the baggage he carries. if i was responsible for america's lack of respect around the globe, the recent fall of the republican party, and the current calamity in iraq, all the while maintaing the audacity to lie to everyone about the situation there, i would have bowed out a long time ago with my tail between my legs. but not g dubs. that guy can stand up to some pretty harsh criticism. i've been trying to figure out how he does it.

his enduring optimism is undeniable in the face of an obvious truth surrounding his presidency -- that he may very well go down in history as the worst president the u.s. has ever (not really) elected. the only thing that i can come up with is that there is an inherent downside to being the president of the united states: that people are so busy telling you what you want to hear that you don't get the naked truth. take those horrible singers that get booted off of american idol in the first round. you know, the ones that the english guy ravages with insults about how someone should have told him/her that they have sub-zero talent? i guess their mothers have chosen blind support over honesty. and the price they pay for not wanting to let a child down? their poor, unassuming babies tie their own nooses and brutally hang themselves for tens of millions of entertained viewers to ridicule.

but g.dubs won't go out like that. he just comes back for more, like a true cowboy. and cowboys are brave.

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