Monday, February 26, 2007

Gore in 08?

There's been a lot of debate going on recently over the possibility that Al Gore might enter the race for the white house in 2008. The first I heard of it was months ago when I mentioned to a friend, "You know, Al Gore should run for president again. After all, he's been making such a name for himself recently with his film and his growing rock star status." She replied, "Yeah I hung out with his family a few months ago and he has every intention of running. He'll enter the race later." Naturally skeptical of that whole statement, I did my own research and found a mass of back and forth bantering on the subject. Although the horse's mouth kept saying things like "I have no plans to run for the '08 presidency," many pundits dismissed those statements as open-ended. But the more I read and heard, the more unlikely it seemed that he would actually enter the race.

But the events of last night have sent words buzzing around the world about his true intentions. Right now, the rumor mill appears evenly divided on the subject. Those on one side believe that he's too engrossed in his mission to tackle global warming to get caught up in the mud slinging of another presidential bid, and harsh attacks from opponents might put unnecessary stress on his credibility and ability to motivate people with such effectiveness in the environmental arena. But others believe that he is merely holding out until autumn, when the two main contenders, Clinton and Obama, have gotten out all of their aggression and have collapsed under the weight of their negativities. Once Obama and Clinton have sufficiently beaten each other down and the public has tired of them, Gore will enter the race as a clean candidate, an old friend, the winner of the popular vote in 2000, a tireless patriot whose effort to stop global climate change has won him an Oscar, a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, a heaping spoonful of credibility, name recognition, rock star status, and countless new fans. He will emerge, if not by his own desire to take what is rightfully his, but by the burgeoning "Draft Gore" movement under way.

I may be young to many, but I've never seen such a yearning by so many people to see their hero get in the ring. Instead of the typical 'oh i don't care who's running, they all suck' mentality, a sizeable group of americans are getting behind the draft movement to essentially petition Mr Gore to run.

One thing is for sure: a 'draft gore' movement began in '03, but he quickly and unequivocally told his supporters to stop because he was definitely not going to run. This year, the draft movement is beginning to pick up serious momentum. The rumor mill that predicted the bids of Clinton and Obama with "Are they running?" headlines are now, in the wake of his Oscar win, giving the possibility of an Al Gore candidacy the same widespread coverage as the current Democratic frontrunners.

Some things to note: He never supported the Iraq war. He's got 8 years under his belt as Vice President. He won the popular vote in the 2000 presidential election. His reputation as a stiff politician has all but vanished, and his rock star image continues to grow as he hobknobs with Hollywood A-Listers, does a heck of a job on Saturday Night Live, and wins an Oscar for his film "An Inconvenient Truth," which is one of the highest grossing documentaries in history. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which will be awarded in October, which is right around the time he's expected to enter the race for the 2008 presidency.

Some keen to Washington politics point to his increasing weight as a sign that he's not buckling down just yet, and when he begins exercizing regularly and toning up, that will be the sign that he's in the game.

If you would like to add your name to any or all of the "Draft Gore" petitions, please visit: